Quantum Beauty

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"This addicting read definitely didn’t disappoint. It’s about a strong, female protagonist, the princess of this kingdom, and her mission to solve a mystery that plagues her to the core. I’m looking forward to more myth-inspired novels from Gryn, and his love for world-building and fantasy are evident." - Amazon review

In a faraway future, there will exist the most perfect and bright galactic kingdom. All will be content with their ideal and painless lives. For no one will dream, neither the tales of sleep’s embrace, nor the visions of heart’s longing. All will be fulfilled with the now, neither remembering the past nor imagining the future.

Those few who are so cursed as to dream, will be shunned and exiled, even if they are royalty. For none will remember that there was ever a different time. In their eternal wakefulness, none will remember what it was like to dream.

Two skies before night

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In a city that crosses all realities, everything is possible, and everything is complicated. A murder of two lovers seems simple, but when the man is from Above and the woman from Below it's anything but.

Detective Lang hunts for the killer. The chase takes him from the decrepit neighborhoods of Below to the highest towers of Above. And somewhere in between, he finds himself in a game between ambition and betrayal, whose stakes are not life or death, but only his soul.