Two skies before night

Grand Prize Second Place For Fiction - Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2019
Gold Medal Winner For Fantasy - Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2019

"A combination of exquisite world-building and heart-pounding suspense, TWO SKIES BEFORE NIGHT is a complex, perfect integration of fantasy and mystery in a world where the societies of Above and Below run on different rules. But murder is murder, even when it's a double murder with one victim from each realm; Lang isn't going to let a little thing like prejudice, rules, and social expectations get in his way. A thrilling tale you can't put down until the final page."
-Next Generation Indie Book Awards Judge

NGIBA Winner 2019.jpg

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In a city that crosses all realities, everything is possible, and everything is complicated. A murder of two lovers seems simple, but when the man is from Above and the woman from Below it's anything but.

Detective Lang hunts for the killer. The chase takes him from the decrepit neighborhoods of Below to the highest towers of Above. And somewhere in between, he finds himself in a game between ambition and betrayal, whose stakes are not life or death, but only his soul.