Fields of RUSt


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"Holy wah! I love this book...This book had me energized and burning for more the entire way through. I almost cried for characters who had existed for only a chapter or two. Gryn does a marvelous job of combining science fiction and steampunk elements into this book." -Blogger's Bookshelf

"The story positively pulled me in right away and kept me rapt with attention throughout as I waited to see what would become of Nezantes' quest and the efforts put forth to stop or aid him in it. The description of the events happening in the story are quite vivid as the author did a wonderful job of constructing excellent scenes throughout the book. It truly is an epic telling of science fiction that left me desirous to read the next part of the saga." -Online Book Club

The universe grows cold. Only a few stars remain in the dark matter wastelands. Among these last embers, war hangs like a specter. Caught in the middle of this looming celestial conflict are Solaz, a man losing his humanity, and Isolde, a woman who may have never been human.  On the planet-sized Worldship, loyal Nezantes seeks to restore the reign of King Darsen, even if it means igniting the last stars in a final war.

The reluctant king, along with Solaz and Isolde, pursue this duty-bound man: Darsen to atone for his tyrannical past, Solaz for revenge, and Isolde to safeguard her friend.  Their desperate pursuit will take them among the broken and decrepit heavens. They will see what has become of the stubborn works of humanity and, if Nezantes has his way, they will witness another step towards the last breath of the cosmos.

The Light of Murder


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"This is a cosmic epic worthy of Jack Kirby or Jim Starlin. It's got bombastic happenings in cosmic realms far beyond mundane goings-on. However, it's also not so far out there that you lose track of what the heck is happening. Give it a shot. Prepare to have your mind blown, maybe twice."

Star by dying star, light dissipates from the cosmos. All things grow cold and still. Yet stubborn Man continues to struggle for each shred of existence.

Upon the surface of the Shell, that endless world, the hero Deya unites the armies of the Seven Worlds to save countless souls from newly-born divine vengeance. Her strength and faith will be tested as she tries to bring salvation to the doomed.

On the world of Uin, illuminated by the merciless sun Murder, Princess Namtilak prepares to wage to war against her sister Asuruludu. Along with her faithful servant Hajed, Namtilak will do all she can to preserve her adopted city of Naradrastha.

In the higher layers of the cosmos, on a world of fading light, a man without life finds unimagined existence, and his own tenuous peace. Among the artificial worlds of the Lattice he will seek to save what little remains of the light.

And beyond the void, beyond the universe itself, hunger grows once again in the heart of one who stood against the gods, and will stand against them once again.

The Infinity of Roads


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Thus spoke Ondranapastha; “I see the cold place between two fires, where the last general prays. She is blind, but to what I cannot tell.

“I see the shining graveyards, where the young king takes up his weapon against the gods. He sees clearly all before him but is blind to his own desire.

“I see beyond the cosmos proper, where in places only divine beings used to tread, the dead servant of forgotten gods walks again. He is blind to those who would betray him.

“I see your sister walking in darkness. She sees her palace in flames. But she is blind to the loss of her heart’s longing.”